This tasks generates the Info.plist file for an application bundle.


Attribute Type Description Required
MainAssembly ITaskItem The path to the main assembly. False
Template ITaskItem The template file. False
ApplicationName String The name of the application. False
Icon String The application icon. False
Identifier String The application identifier. False
Version String The application version. False
MinRequiredOSVersion String The mininum OS version required. Valid values are MacOS105, MacOS106, MacOS107 or MacOS108. True
MainNibFile String The main NIB file. False
PrincipalClass String The principal class. False
ToDirectory ITaskItem The destination directory. True

Nested Elements


Typical usage:

<GenerateInfoPList MainAssembly="$(_MainAssembly)" ToDirectory="$(ContentsPath)" MinRequiredOSVersion="$(MacOSVersion)" Template="$(InfoPListPath)" />